Research in Germany

Germany is known the world over for its excellent research, whether by companies, universities or research institutes outside universities. And there are attractive career opportunities for international researchers too. Here, we show you what makes Germany such an attractive place to do research, all the places where you can do research, and how to find the right job.

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Research and development play an important role in the most innovative German companies – investment in R&D has been rising for years. University research institutes also enjoy an excellent reputation. The German government promotes outstanding university programmes through its “Excellence Initiative”. However, businesses and universities are not the only organisations to offer jobs: non-university research institutes and national and regional government bodies do research too. Plenty of good reasons for doing research in Germany. more


Germany offers numerous opportunities for advancing your career in research, whether as part of a company, university, or research project. more

Living and doing research as part of an international community


Researchers from all over the world work in renowned research institutes and innovative companies in Germany. The international communities can help you settle into your new home and give you tips about everyday life. more

Ayse (researcher)

Ayse from Turkey thinks it´s impressive how many different funding opportunities researchers in Germany get. In this video she tells of her experiences. more


Germany offers worthwhile career opportunities for researchers. However, before you start work in Germany, there are few things you need to know. Here, we show you how to find your new job, what opportunities are open to you and your family in Germany and where to get a Residence permit. more

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