5 steps to doing research in Germany

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Find a job

Germany offers worthwhile career opportunities for researchers. We show you how to go about finding your new job here.

Job-hunting for researchers

If you want to work in research in Germany, the best thing is to start searching for a job while still in your home country. Whether in universities, research institutes or industry, Germany offers a multitude of research opportunities for qualified people from abroad. On the Internet you’ll find numerous job portals which offer a job search specifically for research and science. The Research in Germany Web site has a list of these job portals.

Information on this portal

Skills that are especially sought after

Adjusting to your new environment

Information on the Web

Dual Career Netzwerk Deutschland

Do research in Germany with your spouse (German, English)

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Visa information for researchers from non-EU countries (German, English)