5 steps to doing research in Germany


Language skills

Here, you can learn why speaking German will make everyday life easier for you – and where to find German language courses.

Speaking German makes daily life easier

As a scientist or researcher, you will not normally need to prove that you speak German, as in international research teams English is frequently spoken. Your spouse is not required to speak German either. Nevertheless, having German skills will of course help you converse with your German colleagues, students, or business and administration employees. Language skills will also help you and your family settle in, make new friends and feel at home.

German language courses

There are all kinds of possibilities all over the world of learning German. Group language courses, online tutorials, vocabulary apps – you'll find a host of useful tips on learning German here on this portal.

Information on this portal

Skills that are especially sought after

Adjusting to your new environment

Getting off to a good start in Germany

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