5 steps to doing research in Germany

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Prospects for the family

If you have children or are married, you have the possibility of travelling to Germany with them from the start. For international researchers, this is simple. Find out here how you and your family can find your feet in your new home base.

Apply for a family visa

As nationals of an EU state, your spouse and children have the same rights to Freedom of movement as you and can move here with you without a visa. If you do not come from an EU country but have a scientist’s or researcher’s Residence permit, your spouse is also entitled to a Residence permit which enables him or her to take up employment in Germany. And of course, you can bring your children with you too.

You’ll find tips about schooling and childcare on this portal. A brochure published by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees provides detailed information about residence rights for international scientists and researchers in Germany.

Career opportunities for spouses

Many universities in Germany will also provide support for your spouse in finding a job. The universities’ “Dual Career Services” and “Welcome Centres” will assist you and your family as you prepare to move to Germany and help you get settled in here. The services they offer also include finding a language course for your spouse, a kindergarten for your children and accommodation in your new home country.

The Dual Career Netzwerk Deutschland (Dual Career Network Germany, DCND) currently comprises around forty universities. You’ll find a list of them here. If the university you wish to apply to does not figure on this list, enquire directly to them to find out what support they provide for families.

Further tips for getting settled in

Before international academics start their research period in Germany they have a lot of questions. The “Research in Germany” portal provides useful tips for your preparation. The Guide to Living in Germany provides numerous tips that make your arrival in Germany easier. Whether it’s how to register with the residents' registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt), open an account or find accommodation or recreational activities for all the family, we’ve collected all the most important information here on this portal. 

Information on this portal

Skills that are especially sought after

Adjusting to your new environment

Getting off to a good start in Germany

Information on the Web

Dual Career Netzwerk Deutschland

Do research in Germany with your spouse (German, English)

Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Visa information for researchers from non-EU countries (German, English)

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