Experiences of a Start-up founder

"To me, entrepreneurship means having an impact, shaping the future."

Matan on...

... entrepreneurship

"To me, entrepreneurship means having an impact, shaping the future. That’s always been my dream. Many people in my family are self-employed: my father, my uncle, ..."

... his business idea

"In the course of my Doctorate, I developed a new water treatment solution which makes water treatment more efficient. For me as a start-up founder, it’s important to do something useful for both people and the environment."

... setting up a business in Germany

"It makes a lot of sense to set up a business in Germany. You get a lot of support, both from the government and the Land where you live. Also, the economy is very strong. As a result, you can start your business activities quickly, and find partners too."

... life in Germany

"Germany is very liberal, there is plenty of creative space and diversity. Everything is full of colour, multi-cultural. I love being here."

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