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The best product is useless if nobody buys it. For this reason, a sound marketing concept should have a place in every business plan. You may decide to structure your concept using four factors which are useful for marketing purposes: “proposal”, “price”, “sales” and “communication”.

Proposal: First, indicate in what way your particular product is useful for your clients. Point out what the USP of your product or service is. Outline why there is a demand for it.

Price: Then, explain how much your product or service is going to cost. Make sure to cover your expenses, but also focus on being competitive. The Startup Portal contains useful tips for determining the right price (in German).

Sales: In your sales strategy, you determine how you are going to reach out to your customers. Will your customers order directly from you? Or will you be getting in touch with retailers? Think about which sales channels best fit your offer, and explain your decision in the business plan.

Communication: Explain how you are going to draw attention to your new product or service. You may choose traditional advertising methods, trade fairs, advertisements or sales talks, for example.  In this context, you might also want to explain what your Internet presence will look like. Do you need some ideas? Then, have a look at the Startup Portal. It contains an overview of various methods for attracting customers.

Your marketing success very much depends on getting the “mix” right – you need to find the right focal points in the right areas. Important key questions can be found in this overview.

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