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Preparation for a business plan

You have found your business idea and would like to implement it? Now it’s time to actually prepare your plunge into self-employment. For that purpose, there is a tried and tested tool: the business plan.

Even if you can’t wait to start your business activities, it is important to take the time for adequate preparation. That’s why you shouldn’t rush into things. Instead, focus on drawing up a schedule. Setting up a business plan can help you develop a step by step plan for your enterprise. Your business plan is also crucial for convincing someone of your business idea or your plans. Banks, for example, will use the business plan to assess whether you are a suitable candidate for a loan.  In addition, you will need a business plan if you require a visa before setting up a business in Germany.

Make sure to obtain the information you need. A consultant can give you useful tips for improving your business plan.

As you set up your business plan, make sure you use plain language and a clear structure. A checklist on the usual content as well as computer programmes and an app to guide you through the business plan step by step are available for download on the Startup Portal.

Information for women: The e-training offered by the Startup Portal contains six lessons for aspiring female entrepreneurs on the most important steps in setting up a business. In addition, the e-training contains information on balancing work and family life, part-time business startups or team startups and on personal insurances for female entrepreneurs (e-training is available in German only).

Information on the internet

Startup Portal

Checklist for your business plan (English, German)

IHK Berlin

Short film summarizing the most important information about your business plan in a visual way (German)

BMWi GründerZeiten no. 7: Businessplan (business plan)

Useful information and tips for drawing up your business plan (PDF) (German)

Checklist for your financing plan 

Things to bear in mind when planning your business finances (German, English)  


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