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Active citizenship for your home country

If you want to do something to help your home country, again Germany is a good place for doing so and offers a variety of possibilities.

  • Joining an association/donating money: Do you want to help fund an actual issue or project in your home country? In Germany, you could collect donations, join an association or even found a new association yourself.
  • Exchanges: You might even get a chance to put the contacts and experience you have acquired in Germany to good use: perhaps your new company is interested in setting up a permanent exchange with your former school or university as a means of fostering potential new recruits. Alternatively, you might have the opportunity of finding new markets for your employer in your home country, or of putting your knowledge and experience at the service of development in your home country in a domain where there is a particular need.
  • Helping the family: For many people who move to Germany, it is important to support their family back home with goods, or financially by transferring cash to them. The figures of the World Bank provide cogent proof of this. They show that in 2014, private individuals transferred a total of just under 20,8 million US dollars from Germany to foreign countries. The fees charged for this kind of transfer vary widely depending on the service provider and the type of transfer. This is why the independent website Geldtransfair offers a cost-free comparison of providers and methods for transferring money abroad, so that you can find the best one for you.

Building bridges – active citizenship for development

Many people with a migrant background work in all kinds of ways to help development in their countries of origin or other regions. This way, they can act as key bridge-builders between the two worlds, because people who know different cultures, languages and regional contexts have a wealth of potential which can lend great impetus to mutual understanding, cooperation and development The German government runs a number of initiatives and programmes to support them in this:

  • The "" platform provides information about the different ways you can get involved in development work.
  • The International Centre for Migration and Development(CIM) can help you with various programmes:
    • The "Migranten als Brückenbauer" ("Migrants as Bridge-builders") programme: this funds not-for-profit projects by migrant organisations working in Germany which are working to improve living conditions in their countries of origin.
    • The "Returning Experts Programme" will help if you wish to return to your country of origin.
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Federal Office for Migration and Refugees

Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development

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