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Bus, train, & bicycle

Bus & train

Public transport is a convenient option for travel in and between cities. The public system includes buses, trams and the underground, as well as the trains run by German Railways and its competitors.

  • Buses, trams and the underground: Within easy reach of your home, you will find a stop where a bus, tram or underground departs several times an hour during the day, in large cities every few minutes. Tickets can be purchased from a machine at the stop, from the driver or at a sales outlet of the transport association that operates the buses or trams. If you use public transport regularly, it is a good idea to purchase a weekly, monthly or annual ticket. The longer the ticket’s validity, the lower the price for each trip. 
    Prices are lower for children. Certain groups, such as students or the disabled, receive a discount upon showing their identification. Many transport associations have special offers for senior citizens.
  • Travelling by train: Trains are a good option when travelling to other cities in Germany or abroad. German Railways, formerly a state-owned enterprise, is the primary provider. It owns all of Germany’s rail network and leases certain routes to regional competitors. Train tickets can be purchased at a ticket counter, from a German Railways machine at the train station or on the German Railways website. Trains are a comfortable and rapid means of transport in Germany; on some segments long-distance trains reach speeds of up to 300 kilometres per hour.
  • International bus lines: Buses are another good option for travel from Germany to other parts of Europe. International bus lines stop in every large city, at least at the main train station.

Riding a bicycle

Germany has a dense network of bike paths. Remember that you are subject to the same rules and penalties when biking as when driving a car. It is therefore important to make sure that your bicycle is in proper condition (especially its lights) and to comply with the rules of the road when riding your bike.

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