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Award winner 2015: KS ATAG TRIMET Guss GmbH



An investment for the future – recruiting international interns

Employing a workforce of 104, KS ATAG TRIMET Guss GmbH produces die-cast parts for the automotive industry. In its rural home region the company is the pioneer where the recruitment of international interns is concerned. 

Based in Harzgerode, KS ATAG Trimet Guss is one of the first companies in the region to advertise specifically for young people from abroad to train in Germany. This area of dwindling population is being affected especially severely by the shortage of qualified professionals – finding interns is no easy task. The company has risen to the challenge with great commitment and a clear objective in mind. It supports the international trainees financially and with great personal dedication. 

The concept of KS ATAG TRIMET Guss involves partners from the home regions of the international interns: for example, a language school in Spain was involved in selecting the trainees. When they arrive in Germany, the company makes sure that the new arrivals quickly feel welcome: the future colleagues get to know one another in a trainee camp lasting several days and communication problems have been successfully overcome thanks to collaboration with Spanish-language students. One special sign of this welcoming culture is a personal greeting from the regional commissioner and local councillors in Harzgerode where the company is based.

KS ATAG TRIMET Guss sets a positive example for other companies and is a strong advocate for more efforts to establish a welcoming culture in the region. It shows that despite a difficult starting situation, integration can work if everybody pulls together.

By recruiting international interns, the company is laying the foundation for sustainable business development, securing a supply of qualified professionals and raising cultural diversity in the region. For these outstanding efforts KS ATAG TRIMET was awarded the 2015 Success in Diversity award by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

KS ATAG TRIMET Guss, Harzgerode

"It is important to gain the acceptance of the region to ensure that the work of integrating foreign citizens is also done outside the company – not just by the company but by the region too."

Read the interview with the spanisch intern Unai Usin in the "series for welcoming culture."

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