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Award winner 2015: SPS Schiekel Präzisionssysteme GmbH

SPS Schiekel Präzisionssysteme GmbH

SPS Schiekel Präzisionssysteme GmbH

All for one and one for all: everyone plays a role in a welcoming culture

SPS Schiekel is a service provider for the chemical plant engineering sector employing 110 people in Dohna, Saxony. Qualified professionals from Spain form an integral part of the workforce. Its actively practised welcoming culture takes the form of intensive, all-round mentoring of its international staff and personal commitment by its general manager.

The company’s integration officer helps the Spanish employees get familiarised with the business structures and get settled socially.  The company sets great store on intensive language-learning and breaking down intercultural barriers. For example, for its international qualified professionals SPS Schiekel provides in-house German lessons, information notices in Spanish and glossaries. But the German workforce also learns Spanish, because at SPS Schiekel, everyone has a role to play in the welcoming culture. 

The objective is to open up lasting prospects for the international employees in the company and in the region by adopting an open approach. Moreover, in selecting its international staff the company does not just cream the top of the list – even with only average application documents, especially highly motivated applicants also have a chance.

This effective, all-round concept with its focus on employees’ individual needs results in successful, lasting integration. This is why SPS Schiekel was awarded the 2015 Success in Diversity award by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

SPS Schiekel Präzisionssysteme GmbH, Dohna

"I would encourage all companies which are experiencing difficulties in finding qualified staff to be bold and look abroad to recruit. It is always enriching for the company."

Read the interview with the Spanish employee Javier Quintana in the "series for welcoming culture."

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