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Support for administrative & legal formalities

Registration of residence, pension and health insurance –these are all matters for which immigrants need to make a variety of administrative visits in Germany. In addition, qualified professionals from non-EU countries must apply for a residence permit within three months. If your new recruit does not yet have sufficient German skills, it makes all the more sense to provide active support for these administrative and legal matters.

Recognition of qualifications

If you have recruited qualified professionals for the healthcare sector, they will generally need to have their vocational qualifications recognised. Helping your new recruit to do so is another aspect of a welcoming culture. Under the new Recognition Act, qualified professionals from abroad are legally entitled to apply for recognition of their vocational qualification at any time. Supply your recruit with information about the recognition procedure: the respective authority, contacts and costs. You can find out more in the “Acknowledgement and recognition of qualifications” section.

The “Unternehmen Berufsanerkennung” project team provides further support tools for the recognition procedure.

The German social security system

Note that foreign qualified professionals who live and work in Germany have the same rights and obligations as German employees under social security legislation. Make sure that you apply for a replacement certificate from the tax office in plenty of time. The social security obligations do not apply solely if the employee is coming to Germany on deployment.

Tax and social security: In most cases, foreign employees will have to pay income tax in Germany. You must inform your new recruit of this. Explain to your new recruit what taxes and social security contributions will be withheld from their gross salary. That will help them understand the differences between gross and net salary. 

Compulsory insurance: Inform your new recruit in plenty of time about the five compulsory types of insurance: health insurance, long-term care insurance, pension insurance, accident insurance and unemployment insurance. One important decision is which health insurance fund to join. Also make sure that you register your new recruit with social security to ensure that they receive a social security card promptly and, consequently, that a pension account will be opened for them. You will find more information on this in the section entitled “Living in Germany”.

Statutory pension: Bring the attention of your foreign employee to the fact that if they move back to their home country, they can take any pension rights from their statutory pension insurance with them. You will find information about this in the section entitled “Jobs”.

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