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Start the selection process

You have already received a few applications for the vacant post? In that case, the selection process can begin. Evaluate the application documents in the usual way:

  • First of all, evaluate objectively according to the criteria you defined in the job offer. Note that in other countries, the structure of CVs and covering letters may differ from that in Germany. For example, in English-speaking countries it is not customary to enclose a photo. Therefore also be receptive to unusual applications.
  • During the second stage, try not to evaluate the applicant solely according to her or his formal qualifications or certificates, but take other skills into account, too; for example personal and professional experience. Additional language or cultural skills can also be regarded a bonus point.
  • During selection, consider what possible further training (e.g. language acquisition) the person might need and whether you are prepared to support them, e.g. by giving them free time or paying the costs.

Tip: The BQ Portal provides centralised information on foreign professional qualifications in Germany. On it, you will find comprehensive information on how to better assess and evaluate basic and advanced training qualifications obtained abroad.

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