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In Germany, some sectors and regions are already suffering from a shortage of skilled labour, and in view of the demographics, this trend is likely to increase. According to forecasts by the Federal Employment Agency, by 2030 there will be 3.6 million fewer workers available than in 2015 if no counter-measures are taken.

Besides politicians, each and every German business can do something to help. Trade and industry can create favourable conditions and take the initiative when it comes to tapping into as yet unexploited skills potential. For example, there is still some catching up to be done where the employment of women and older or disabled people is concerned. Yet abroad there are also plenty of well-qualified professionals with university or vocational diplomas who could be well worth recruiting for your company.

Qualified professionals open up new business opportunities

That will not only provide you with the skilled labour you need. Qualified migrants also have specific knowledge of markets, countries and languages, as well as intercultural skills, which can open up new business opportunities for you. Moreover, foreign professionals can enrich corporate culture with their treasure trove of experience, ideas and perspectives.

The German economy enjoys a good reputation abroad. Graduates in engineering, IT and medicine especially can easily imagine taking up employment here. And to find the right qualified professional, you do not necessarily need to look abroad: foreign students at German universities represent an important potential source of professional skills for your business. Their advantage is that they are usually already familiar with the language, culture and bureaucracy of our country.

Regardless of where you look for foreign qualified professionals: on our website you will find tips and advice as to how you, as a business, can best prepare, how a successful recruitment process should unfold – and, very important: what foreign qualified professionals must do when arriving not only in your company, but in Germany itself. 

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