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41. Physicians - Around 29,000  
Around 29,000 of the foreign doctors working in Germany come from countries outside the European Union.  
42. Physicians - 56,107  
56,107 foreign doctors are working in Germany (2020).  
43. Nursing professionals - Over 40,000  
Over 40,000 Job positions in care facilities are vacant.  
44. Nursing professionals  
Germany needs nurses The nursing profession is future-proof Thanks to the excellent living conditions in Germany, a large proportion of the population enjoys good health into old age. However, with…  
45. IT specialists  
Tip: Have you already gained professional experience in information and communications technology and now want to work in Germany? If so, the Federal Employment Agency  offers special support…  
46. IT specialists - IT specialists are in urgent demand  
IT specialists are in urgent demand Make use of the diverse career and development opportunities in Germany with your professional abilities and creativity! In 2020, more than 86,000 positions in…  
47. IT specialists - 86,000 positions   
86,000 positions  are vacant in the IT sector.  
48. IT specialists - Industry 4.0: innovations with future prospects  
Industry 4.0: innovations with future prospects Today, digital applications and intelligent technology define our day-to-day lives. Tools are printed with 3D printers. Languages are learnt with apps…  
49. Craftsmen - 5.62 million  
5.62 million people were working in the skilled crafts and trades in 2020.  
50. Hotline  
Our hotline offers personalised information and advice, in German or English, on the following topics: 1) Job search, work and careers 2) Recognition of foreign vocational qualifications …  
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