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5 reasons

1. Extra know-how

Make use of further training to develop personally and professionally, to broaden your knowledge and stay employable right up to retirement age. Whether you have just arrived in Germany and want to improve your German, need new expertise in a particular technology or are assuming management tasks, further training can give you the extra know-how you need in all these areas. Lifelong learning helps you improve your own professional and personal skills or learn something entire-ly new, and remain fit for your job until retirement age.

More than 50 per cent of employees in Germany take part in further training every year. This is very often professional further training. Participation is especially high among highly educated professionals and academics.

2. Moving up the career ladder

Improve your professional prospects and further your career through further Training. In 2014, the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry conducted its eighth survey of people who had completed Aufstiegsfortbildung – further training to obtain a higher qualification. This includes, for example, further training to the Meister grade in an industrial occupation. Results show that further training pays. A total of 62 per cent of those questioned stated that further training had had a positive impact on their career. Of these, 70 per cent had attained a higher post or assumed greater responsibility in the company within a year of passing their exam. After five years, this figure rose to over 80 per cent.

3. Higher salary

Further training has a positive impact on your salary. A survey by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry in 2014 shows that professional further training has a positive impact on salary. 62 per cent of the graduates questioned judged their participation in further training for promotion purposes as advantageous for their professional career. Within a year of their exam, 65 per cent of them already earned more. Five years after their exam, the figure rose to 74 per cent. Why don’t you take advantage of further training and give yourself the means of earning more?

4. Secure jobs

Secure your job through further training. Germany is one of the most competitive countries in the world. In the Global Competi-tiveness Index rankings for 2017-2018, it came fithout of 137. A centre of industry, the country is known for its environmental, energy, medical and aerospace technology. German companies rank highly in this international comparison because of the new technologies and products they develop, but also because of their organisational changes.

Yet change processes frequently present new challenges for the employees and their skills. Further training helps qualified professionals like you to develop their knowledge, be innovative themselves and stay abreast of changes at the workplace. Further training not only raises your employability, motivation and satisfaction, it also secures your job.

5. Committed companies

Further training is worthwhile not only in terms of careers and pay; it is also actively supported by German companies. In 2013, nearly nine out of ten companies engaged with further training for their employees – and the trend is rising. The reasons are plain to see: well-trained workers are more motivated and more satisfied. They raise productivity, stimulate innovation and contribute directly to business success. As a qualified professional with a German company, you can build on this to develop and deepen your knowledge.


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