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University services

Many of the 400 or so universities in Germany offer career services which will help you get a foot on the career ladder. These usually supply advice on choosing a career or help with how to apply, but may also provide seminars on public speaking, presentation skills or self-assurance. If you are not sure what documents you need to apply for a job in Germany, you can discuss your application directly with a member of staff of the career service. In addition, career services frequently broker contacts with companies by holding job fairs or recruiting days. Some universities also work with the local employment agency when advising graduates. Some of these local agencies offer a range of services specially geared to academics.

Local employment agencies

The employment agency in the town where you study will help you in your search for a job vacancy. In addition, you will be able to find out all kinds of information about the world of work in the agency’s professional information centre. It is also a good idea to register directly on the Federal Employment Agency’s job exchange.

Tips on job-hunting

Various strategies could be of help to you in your search for a job:

1. Get active yourself and look for job offers that suit you: you can also submit your profile to the Federal Employment Agency so that interested employers can contact you. You will also find job offers in newspapers or on the Internet. Yet another possibility is to post a job ad yourself. We have compiled some information and tips on job-hunting in Germany here.

The job listings will provide you with an overview of job vacancies in Germany.

2. Came across an interesting employer while hunting around? Don’t hesitate – apply for a job speculatively. You can find out what documents you need in order to apply here.

3. Internships or trainee posts offer you the advantage of getting to know a company and acquiring your first professional experience. The Federal Employment Agency job exchange is not the only place where you can hunt for internships or trainee posts; you might also find some in other job portals or on company websites. Whatever the case, it is always an advantage to build up networks of contacts in your speciality during your studies which you can then look to when hunting for a job.

Information on the internet

Federal Employment Agency

Job fair with current vacancies (i. a. German, English, Spanish, Russian)

Online Workshop „Working and living in Germany” (German, English)

Alumniportal Deutschland

Social networking for alumni of German universities, including job offers (i. a. German, English)

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