Skilled labour immigration using fast-track procedure

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Skilled labour immigration using the fast-track procedure for skilled workers – how does it work?

The Skilled Immigration Act paved the way for a new mechanism to help speed up the entry of qualified professionals from abroad: the fast-track procedure for skilled workers. Experience has been gained with the procedure since it was introduced two years ago, and it is worth reflecting on how the instrument works and how it is applied in administrative practice.

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Around 30,000 people

entered Germany with a residence permit for the purpose of gainful employment in 2020.
(Source: BAMF, 2022).

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Quick-Check for employers in Germany

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The section for companies on “Make it in Germany” has been expanded to include a new tool: the Quick-Check tells employers what steps to take to ensure successful recruitment from abroad.

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The apprentice Youssef from Morocco reports on how he came to Germany

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Youssef from Morocco has made it! He has found an apprenticeship to become an industrial electrician with a company in Germany. Get to know the story of Youssef.

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Guest article

An expert explains: insight into the practice of the fast-track procedure for skilled workers

The Central Office for Skilled Worker Immigration North Rhine-Westphalia is the central Foreigners Authority in this federal state, responsible for the implementation of the fast-track procedure. In an interview, Dr Axel Rosenthal, Head of Central Office, answers questions about how his authority goes about implementing this procedure.

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