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Looking for new professional challenges? We can show you in which fields of work international experts like you are being sought after in Germany. Find out about current job offers and the possibilities for working in Germany that are open to you. We provide tips for getting off to a good start in Germany and an overview of the most important sectors in the land of high technology.


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Ready to start a new life in Germany? Here is some useful advice on everything from job-hunting to prospects for your family to help you feel at home fast. more

Find out how to track down exciting jobs and all you need to know about entering Germany, getting your professional qualifications recognised, the language and the social security system. more

The German economy is growing, but the population is shrinking – and with it the number of young, qualified professionals. That is why skilled workers like you are in demand. And if you do not have a professional qualification as yet, you can train in Germany. more

Prospects in Germany

Many sectors and professions in Germany are experiencing a shortage of qualified workers. Demand for engineers and IT experts is especially high, but there is also a need for doctors and care workers. We can show you in which professions opportunities lie. more

Germany’s leading industries have one thing in common: They are at face level with global market leaders, and their innovative strength allows them to reinvent themselves time and again. Here, you can find out more about Germany’s top industries. more

Alongside the major, world-famous companies, there are also a slew of small and medium-sized companies in Germany which provide a large number of jobs: the "Mittelstand". So it’s about time we introduced these very special German companies. more