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Work in Germany

Entering the German working world can be mastered with good organization. Find out more here about professions in demand, the recognition of qualifications, starting a business, research and job search. Our job listings contain numerous job advertisements to make your job search easier.

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Professions in demand

The German labour market needs professionals. Find out here in which industries demand is particularly high and you have excellent prospects of getting a job.

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Learn more about: Finding a job
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Finding a job

How do I apply for a job in Germany? Where can I find help with my job search? Here you will find information on the application process and points of contact to support you in your search.

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Learn more about: Job listings
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Job listings

In the "Make it in Germany" job listings  you will find current job offers. Start your job search here.

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Learn more about: Recognition
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Can I have my foreign qualifications recognized in Germany? What do I have to do for this? Find information here on the recognition procedure for various professions and groups of people.

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Learn more about: Working environment
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Working environment

The commitment to a job entails further agreements and obligations. All questions about the employment contract, salary, taxes and social security in Germany are answered here.

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Learn more about: Information for EU citizens
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Information for EU citizens

If you want to work in Germany as a citizen of an EU country, you enjoy the right to free movement. Here you can find out which regulations apply to you and which conditions you must take into account.

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Learn more about: Setting up a business
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Setting up a business

Shape the German start-up landscape with your innovative ideas. We explain the steps you need to take, from the prerequisites to support services for your business launch.

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Learn more about: Research
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In Germany, you have many opportunities to implement your research projects. Everything you need to know about funding, visas and further information about research can be found here.

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