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Excellent career prospects in the IT sector

Industry 4.0: innovations with future prospects

Today, digital applications and intelligent technology define our day-to-day lives. Tools are printed with 3D printers. Languages are learnt with apps and robots have taken on many tasks. As a result, the IT industry is one of the most innovative sectors in the world.

Germany is still influenced by the spirit of innovation, meaning that the German markets for IT, telecommunications and consumer electronics are the frontrunners in Europe. With an innovator rate of almost 85%, the branch is not only one of the most innovative in Germany, but is also a driving motor in the German economy, with a turnover of 170 billion euros. This means that IT specialists in particular are more in demand in Germany than ever.

The German IT industry in figures

86,000 positions 

are vacant in the IT sector.

84 billion euros

are generated by mid-sized companies in the IT sector.

IT specialists are in urgent demand

Make use of the diverse career and development opportunities in Germany with your professional abilities and creativity! In 2020, more than 86,000 positions in the IT sector remained vacant. Experienced or qualified IT specialists can therefore hope for attractive employment in small and medium-sized companies, in industry or in large international companies. Specialists in the following fields are particularly in demand:

  • Software development: As a software developer, you will design and implement software, using the appropriate programming language. Your work will be user-oriented, and you may program complete applications or individual building blocks.
  • Application support: In this occupation, you will take care of maintenance and support of software and hardware, for example SAP or SharePoint. Working in application support, you are a central point of contact for the company’s products.
  • IT security: As an IT security expert, you will be responsible for the protection of the company’s data. Continuous further training in order to keep up to date is one of your responsibilities, as is working on new solution approaches for software systems.
  • Data science: As a data scientist, you will analyse large quantities of data and derive the appropriate solutions. To this end, you will use all methods from information technology and mathematics.


Have you already gained professional experience in information and communications technology and now want to work in Germany? If so, the Federal Employment Agency  offers special support to international professionals working in IT on its website "ICT Experts for Germany" in Germany. 

Do I need a visa?

As a citizen of the European Union, Liechtenstein, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland, you do not require a visa or a residence permit in order to work in Germany. Citizens of other countries on the other hand require a residence permit. You can find out more about the work visa for qualified professionals and the EU Blue Card in the Visa section. 

Tip: Do you have practical experience in the field of information and communication technology but no formal qualifications? Find out more about the work visa for IT specialists.

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