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Why Germany?!

Welcome to the world of opportunities – Germany! Discover convincing reasons for why you should choose Germany as your new home and what distinguishes this country from others on this page.

Economic strength

Benefit from one of the largest and productive economies of the world, offering prospects for your career in a large variety of sectors, companies and fields of work. The globally known “Made in Germany” seal represents the success story of German medium-sized companies (also called “hidden champions”) which became global players in various market segments. You can rely on a stable economic and political foundation. Immerse yourself in a dynamic world of work with diverse professional opportunities and first-class career options.

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High-quality education

Discover a learning environment which offers a wide range of option for education. Germany not only has excellent universities which have low tuition fees in comparison to those in other countries, but also good schools, a highly respected vocational education system and a plethora of options for life-long further education. Germany supports a multi-faceted education, strengthening your professional skills and broadening your future prospects.

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High-level insurance cover against everyday risks of life

Germany is known for its comprehensive social security system which provides an extensive amount of cover in case of illness, accidents and unemployment, as well as old age. This system not only offers protection when being unemployed, it also combines reliable healthcare and health insurance. So, you will not only benefit from having a source of income during difficult times, but also from a modern healthcare system with quick access to medical specialists and first-class hospitals without having to worry about financial burdens. This high-level insurance cover is financed by a contribution automatically deduced from your salary and enables you to access all services in return.

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High quality of life and support for families

Germany not only offers the same career opportunities for women and men, but also a family-friendly environment. Comprehensive options for maternal leave, parental leave and child care allow you to pursue your professional goals and simultaneously have a work-life balance thanks to legal holiday entitlement.

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Inclusion and equality

Germany makes an effort to put a comprehensive discrimination ban into practise and promotes the equality of all people, regardless of their age, (dis-)ability, skin colour, religion or gender. Same-sex couples are allowed to marry here, and they find themselves in an open and tolerant society which values and respects individual diversity.

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Diverse culture and wide-ranging offers

Immerse yourself in Germany’s cultural diversity, ranging from historic architecture to lively festivals and Christmas markets. The German association culture in the realms of sport, carnival, music and much more offers opportunities for exchange, new friendships and integration.

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Safety and freedom

Experience safety and freedom in a country known for its stable legal system and the protection of individual rights to freedom. Here you can feel safe because your basic rights are respected and protected. The right to freedom of expression is a fundamental right of high value in Germany. You can openly express your thoughts and opinions without having to fear legal uncertainty. This allows for an atmosphere of openness and tolerance, making life in Germany even more comfortable.

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