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Visa for IT professionals

The IT industry is one of the most important industries in Germany. We show you what options you have as an IT specialist to move to Germany.

Visa for IT professionals

Advantageous ways have been paved for IT specialists outside the European Union/EFTA (so-called “third countries”) to obtain a work visa in Germany. The type of visa you receive depends on your qualifications and your job offer in Germany. The table down below gives you first overview of the different options.


IT specialists from third countries in Germany: Possible residence permits

If you would like to work as an IT specialist in Germany, you have various options for obtaining a visa. The chart explains the different types of residence permits and the respective requirements.

EU Blue Card: If you have an academic degree in IT as well as a specific job offer in Germany, you may receive an EU Blue Card. It is important to know that you must earn a minimum salary in your job for that visa type. Nonetheless, the EU Blue Card is an exceptionally popular residence permit with many advantages.

Work visa for qualified professionals: A residence permit for qualified employment (according to Section 18a and 18b (1) AufenthG) might be the right option for you, if you   acquired your IT skills during an apprenticeship, for example. The same conditions apply, if you have a university degree in IT , yet the job position you have found does not meet the requirements for the EU Blue Card.

Working as an IT specialist/residence permit for other types of work: Even if you have neither any formal qualifications nor a university degree, you can still obtain a visa and work as an IT specialist in Germany. Therefore, certain prerequisites must be met.


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Please note that a specific job offer is the most important requirement and the first step towards your career in the IT sector in Germany, regardless of the type of residence permit you apply for. Click here to find more information on working as an IT specialist in Germany.

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