Six foreign professionals - testimonials from Make it in Germany

We made it!
10 years of "Make it in Germany"

10 years of success stories – with international professionals, companies and a strong partner network.

For 10 years, the official website "Make it in Germany" has accompanied many stories in the field of skilled immigration. On this page, qualified professionals share their personal experiences, voices from our partner network reflect on political developments and employers provide insights into successful recruitment abroad. Moreover, our timeline below shows what has happened in the last 10 years.

We made it!

True people, true stories: Get to know the people who landed in Germany in the past 10 years and find out how they live today. We also introduce German employers who tell you how important it is to recruit skilled workers from abroad.

Statement by Germany's Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action

Robert Habeck:
"For our economy and a sustainable transformation, we are dependent on people coming to us to live and work here so they can become an integral part of our economy and society."

"Make it in Germany" reaches people all over the world

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Dr. Rainer Dulger (President of the Confederation of German Employers' Associations)

"This year we are looking back on ten years of 'Make it in Germany' and are grateful for the valuable and important support in accompanying numerous foreign workers and their employers on their way to Germany."

Johanna Elsässer (coordination "Recognition in Germany")

"To support skilled workers, specific portals, such as ours in regard to recognition, are needed. But general points of contact, where questions concerning the immigration process and life in Germany are answered, are also needed. And that is what 'Make it in Germany' has been doing for the past ten years."

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Further voices from the practice of international experts, companies and consultants

Myra Mani (Company: Mani Häusliche Pflege)

"You bring people into your team - just like when you recruit from the domestic market. You have individual personalities [...] and it is our task to see how to integrate them."

See what happened during the past 10 years ...

Milestones in Germany's immigration policy
Development of "Make it in Germany"
Demographic strategy

Qualified professionals from abroad are part of the Federal Government’s demographic strategy.

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Start of "Make it in Germany"

“Make it in Germany” goes online as a welcome portal for qualified professionals from abroad.

World map

The interactive world map showing German institutions is launched.


Mann arbeitet für die Hotline
Personal advice

The launch of the “Working and Living in Germany” hotline provides a personal advisory structure on the portal.

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"Make it in Germany" goes viral

Twitter and YouTube channels are launched.

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Group of international skilled workers in Germany
Information for companies

Employers in Germany can use a separate area of the portal for easy access to information.

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Federal government's website

“Make it in Germany” officially becomes the Federal Government’s official website for qualified professionals.

Adoption of the Skilled Workers Immigration Act

by the German Bundestag in June 2019

Hand showing a paragraph symbol
"Cornerstone policies" on skilled labour immigration approved

The German Federal Cabinet has adopted a set of "Cornerstone policies on skilled labour immigration from third countries". With the new policies, the government wants to augment the Skilled Immigration Act.

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