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Professions in demand

Would you like to find out which professions in particular are needed in Germany? On this website you will find various professional fields in which qualified professionals are in great demand. If you happen to be trained in one of them, you have a good chance of entering the German labour market.

Carers and nursing professionals

Germany has a stable healthcare system, thanks to well-trained personnel in healthcare and nursing professions. That is the reason why hospitals, home care services and facilities for nursing are always looking for qualified professionals.


The German healthcare system depends on young and qualified workers: hospitals, specialist clinics, healthcare centres and private practices are constantly on the lookout for doctors and other trained professionals in the medical field.


Become a part of Industry 4.0 in Germany: the use of digital technologies reveals a wide range of new perspectives in engineering. This also has an impact on the demand for skilled workers, which is why many companies are urgently looking for qualified engineers.

IT specialists

The German IT sector is booming: every year, thousands of new jobs are offered in the IT industry. Therefore, experienced or freshly trained IT specialists are always in demand. Find excellent jobs in start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies or in the manufacturing industry.


Bioengineering, power and environmental engineering or pharmaceutics – when it comes to scientific disciplines, the demand is high. Qualified personnel trained in STEM subjects are urgently sought after in many fields.


Skilled crafts and trades are the heart and soul of the German Mittelstand, meaning small and medium-sized businesses. With its wide range of products and services, the skilled crafts sector caters to private individuals, the industrial sector and commerce. This diversity leads to a high demand for skilled workers in craftsmanship.

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