International skilled workers install solar panels

Professions in demand

Germany needs qualified skilled workers. Find out here which professions are particularly in demand in Germany.

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Young female engineer of a wind power station

Green Jobs

Start a sustainable career in Germany! You can become a part of the "green" economy, as new and diverse jobs in sustainable industries keep arising in Germany. Find out more about "Green Jobs" here.

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Nurse from Cameroon at work

Nursing professionals

Germany has a stable healthcare system, thanks to well-trained personnel in healthcare and nursing professions. That is the reason why different facilities are always looking for qualified professionals.

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Learn more about: Physicians
International female doctor at work


The German healthcare system depends on qualified young workers: hospitals and other facilities are constantly on the lookout for doctors and other trained professionals in the medical field.

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Learn more about: Engineers
International engineer at work


Become part of Industry 4.0 in Germany: The use of digital technologies opens up a wide range of new perspectives. Many companies are urgently looking for qualified engineers.

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Learn more about: IT specialists
International IT specialists at work

IT specialists

The German IT sector is booming: every year, thousands of new jobs are offered in the IT industry. Find excellent jobs in start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises, large companies or in the manufacturing industry.

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Learn more about: Scientists
International scientists in the laboratory


Bioengineering, power and environmental engineering or pharmaceutics – when it comes to scientific disciplines, the demand is high. Qualified personnel trained in STEM subjects are urgently sought after in many fields.

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Learn more about: Craftspeople
A craftsman at work in the workshop


Skilled crafts and trades are the heart and soul of the German Mittelstand, With its wide range of products and services, the skilled crafts sector caters to private individuals, the industrial sector and commerce. This diversity leads to a high demand for skilled workers in craftsmanship.

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Learn more about: Careers in transport
Woman professional driver in front of trucks

Careers in transport

Become a part of a dynamic sector! Whether by train, HGV or ship, skilled workers in the field of transport are essential for transporting goods and passengers. Start your journey towards a future-proof job in Germany! 

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Learn more about: Other professions in demand
Different professionals

Other professions in demand

Skilled workers are urgently needed in many other professions in Germany. Here you will find a selection, for example from the hotel and catering industry, the education sector and medical technology.

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