The Skilled Immigration Act: opportunities for employers

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The Skilled Immigration Act: opportunities for employers

The German Skilled Immigration Act gives all international qualified professionals the opportunity to carry on a profession or trade in Germany – provided that they offer particular qualifications. For employers, the new law brings greater options for recruiting urgently required international skilled workers.

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Fachkraft aus dem Ausland am Arbeiten

Figure of the month

33,120 people

applied for their international professional qualifications to be recognised in 2019. Almost half the applications came from healthcare sectors.

(Source: Federal Statistical Office, 2020)

Degree recognition

Updates on Make it in Germany

Webinar offer on the Skilled Immigration Act for employers and HR departments

A conultant speaking

Would you like to know how the Skilled Immigration Act works and what possibilities it opens up for you to recruit professionals from abroad? Then join the "Attracting international qualified professionals with the support of Make it in Germany" webinar on September 29, 2020. The webinar will be held in German language. 

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The fast-track procedure for skilled workers explained in video

Explainer Video

Since 1 March 2020, employers have had the opportunity to apply the fast-track procedure for skilled workers. But who does the procedure cover, and what benefits does it give employers? Our explanatory video explains how the fast-track procedure works.

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Get to know the federal states of Germany

Picture of Germany

Explore the 16 federal states of Germany using the interactive map. Discover what makes each state special, which business sectors are particularly renowned there and what services the states can offer for international qualified professionals.

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Guest article

An expert explains the fast-track procedure for skilled workers

Since the Skilled Immigration Act came into force, employers have been able to initiate the visa process for their future workers under the fast-track procedure for skilled workers. We put together key aspects of the procedure in an interview with Mr. Menche, head of department for a Foreigners' Authority in Hesse and consultant on asylum and immigration law.

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