Newsletter 10 years: We celebrate 10 years of 'Make it in Germany'
We made it! 10 years of 'Make it in Germany'
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,
We write success stories with a future – with international skilled workers, companies and a strong partner network. With this special issue of our newsletter, we would like to inform you about the news on our website and look back on a whole decade. The 'Make it in Germany' team would like to thank you for your trust and wishes you an enjoyable read.
Have you already noticed? On the occassion of its 10th anniversary, the 'Make it in Germany' homepage has been given a new look: a more modern and light design provides a better overview of all topics.
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'Make it in Germany' launched in summer of 2012. Over time, the platform became "the official website for qualified professionals”. Join us on a journey through 10 years of 'Make it in Germany'.
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A successful decade lies behind us. For the past 10 years, the portal has accompanied many stories. In our video, skilled workers, employers and even advisors report on their personal experience and share what role the portal and its services played in the process.
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Here is what Myra Mani, CEO of Mani Häusliche Pflege, says:
“For us, the ‘Make it in Germany’ website is an important and good source of information that not only we as a company use, but we also refer prospective skilled workers to it. There, they can receive information on Germany and the immigration process, as well as information that we as employers did not even consider.”
We invite you to benefit from the knowledge and experience of foreign skilled workers and employers during the immigration process. The detailed programme will soon be announced on the webinar page.
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