Brief newsletter: March 2024
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Welcome to our new issue of the Make it in Germany brief newsletter. On 1 March 2024, a number of new regulations on the employment of foreign skilled workers and the recognition of foreign qualifications came into force. The information provided by Make it in Germany has been extensively updated and the website is now up to date.
In this issue, you will find out about the most significant changes to our content and what else is new.

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Updates on Make it in Germany
Within the framework of a recognition partnership, skilled workers can now also conduct their recognition procedure after entering the country and while already working in Germany. In order to do so, they conclude an agreement with their new employer. All relevant information can be found on our web page for employers as well as our web page for skilled workers under “Visa for recognition partnership”.
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Skilled workers with a foreign qualification recognised by the country of training and sufficient experience in the aspired profession can now apply for a visa for professionally experienced workers with a respective job offer - even without formal recognition of their qualification.
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The German labour market is now also open to assistants in nursing from third countries. This means that people with less than three years of vocational training in nursing – or training recognised as less than three years – can work in the health and care sector.
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The Quick-Check has been updated in accordance with the new Skilled Immigration Act. Both the Quick-Check on our web page for skilled workers and on our web page for employers continue to provide useful initial guidance on the possibilities of skilled labour immigration.
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New regulations for the EU Blue Card have been in force since 18 November 2023 - e.g. lower salary thresholds, an extension of the list of bottleneck professions and facilitated family reunification. In the brochure for employers “Questions and answers about the EU Blue Card”, you will find useful information, including graphics and practical advice.
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Make it in Germany can now be found on LinkedIn! On this new page, we will be keeping German employers, international skilled workers and anyone interested regularly informed about our core topics and activities. Subscribe to our channel to stay up to date and get in touch with us!
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We want to constantly improve for you! Do you have any questions or suggestions? Write us at Your contact persons are Vanessa Pohlmann, Michaelle Nintcheu and Rosalia Meztli Chino Flores.

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