Discover the German IT industry

Germany can do IT too

The technology sector is one of the most important economic branches in Germany. With an annual turnover of 170 billion euros in 2020, the IT industry is a major economic driving force – and it is growing steadily. With over 1.2 million skilled workers, the IT sector is also the second biggest industrial employer. Increasing digitalisation generates tens of thousands of new jobs every year, but many posts remain vacant due to the shortage of skilled workers. That is why international IT specialists are particularly in demand. You too can become part of this dynamic and innovative industry in Germany!

Did you know? The Digital Hub Initiative connects SMEs and larger companies with innovation partners from the scientific and start-up communities at twelve centres of excellence in Germany. They are joining forces to seek innovative answers to the challenges of digitalisation.


Innovative start-ups are also in Germany

Are you seeking unique challenges in the IT sector? When it comes to IT innovations, most people think of Silicon Valley first – but what about Berlin? Berlin is not only Germany's digital capital, but it is also a hotspot for inventive start-up companies. The Berlin start-up scene is a driving force for jobs in Germany. In fact, the federal state generates more jobs through start-ups than through any other type of business. The start-up companies in Berlin primarily focus on technologies such as AI or blockchain. The application of blockchain technology is particularly prevalent in the fintech sector. Berlin has become a fintech hub over the years, with 34.8 per cent of all businesses in the city working in the industry. Germany's capital is also at the forefront of AI, with 95 AI start-ups having been launched here within one year alone. 
You can also use the Start-up Finder to discover innovative start-up companies in Germany.

Next to Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and the Rhine-Ruhr metropolitan region, Germany has many other start-up hotspots. In total, there are 1,946 start-up companies all over the country seeking solutions to digital challenges. Their top priorities are innovation and sustainability.


Artificial intelligence "Made in Germany"

Self-driving cars, smart homes and voice assistants – intelligent technologies can be found in every sphere of life. AI technologies have become indispensable in Germany too. The Map on AI on Germany's platform for artificial intelligence now shows 1,800 entries for where AI is prevalent in Germany. You can refer to the Map on AI to find out about creative applications and projects in which AI technologies are being used.

In order to drive this development forward, the Federal Government plans to invest about 5 billion euros in the implementation of a national AI strategy by 2025. The aim of this investment is to make Germany the world's leading location for AI. First and foremost, however, the new AI technologies should be of benefit to the people and the environment.

Would you like to help shape the future of AI in one of the most innovative locations? Then start your career as an IT specialist in Germany!


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