5 reasons to work in IT in Germany

1. A lucrative location for innovations

Germany is inventive and it is featured in the top ten most innovative countries for multiple reasons. This is also verified by the Bloomberg Innovation Index 2020, listing the country on the fourth place worldwide. The standard and quality of German inventions are exceptional, so it is well worth putting financial resources into German research and development. Success will follow: Germany is also in the lead when it comes to patents.


2. Working in an international atmosphere and work-life balance

It's no wonder that diverse high-tech companies are setting up their businesses in Germany: in 2020, 149 brand names that enjoy success on an international scale were based here. People from a wide variety of backgrounds work together while keeping a sense of balance: when it comes to paid holidays, public holidays, parental leave or working from home, Germany looks after its employees.


3. A job with prospects: many job vacancies and high salaries

Anyone hoping to work in Germany's IT sector has a good chance of finding a job. Skilled IT workers are in high demand in Germany: companies are particularly looking for software developers, application consultants and skilled professionals in the areas of data science and cyber security. In 2020, around 86,000 jobs in IT remained vacant – and the number is increasing. The IT industry in Germany is lucrative: anyone working here is likely to earn an above-average salary.


4. Make an impact: digital challenges in Germany

A future without road accidents? Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the operating theatre? Germany is arming its IT industry for the future and you could be part of the transformation! AI plays a vital role in Germany's ability to compete and excel as a research location. Follow this link to read how you can help to develop AI in Germany.


5. Political tailwind for Industry 4.0

Policy-makers in Germany are very keen to prepare SMEs for Industry 4.0. This is why the government plans to invest around 3.5 per cent of Germany's GDP in research and development by 2025. And there is more: the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy provides support for IT companies that are developing the technologies of tomorrow.


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