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The company is interested in your application and has invited you to an interview – congratulations, you are one important step further. The job interview offers you and the company a chance to get to know one another. In most cases, you will meet the personnel manager and the line manager. They will probably ask you questions about your CV and your expectations of the job and salary, as well as about your aptitudes and interests. The interviewers may also want to see how well you speak German or English. In many cases, they will ask why you want to work in Germany and what you expect from living in Germany.

There are lots of things you can do to prepare for these interviews. For example, find out about the company in advance. Also, prepare a couple of answers about your aptitudes, strengths and weaknesses. You can do this by reading your CV through again and writing a couple of key words next to each point, for example. You can also think about the questions that your interviewers might ask. This is a way of showing that you are interested.

Besides what you say during the interview, a couple of other criteria are important too – no doubt the same all over the world. Be punctual. Your mobile phone or smartphone should always be switched off during a job interview. Also, attend wearing appropriate clothing: women should usually wear a trouser or dress suit, men a suit with a shirt and tie. However, you need to take the particular practices in specific sectors into account.

Not living in Germany?

In Germany, the company usually pays the costs of job interviews. If you are travelling from abroad, ask whether all your costs will be paid in this case too. Also, ask the company whether you can be interviewed over the phone or by video-conference. If the company would still rather get to know you in person, ask whether you have to pay the travel costs yourself or whether the company will pay them.

Non-EU citizens should also find out what entry requirements apply to them. A visa is available which permits you to come to Germany for six months to search for employment. All related costs are your personal responsibility.

Assessment centre

For higher-ranking positions – management jobs, for example – companies often use assessment centres. This is a special kind of selection process. Here, the applicant is asked to perform certain tasks with other applicants. For example, you might be asked to discuss topics as a group, do role play or give a presentation. This is a way for the company to find out how you tackle problems, cope with stressful situations and use your soft skills.

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