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Did you know that German is the most widely spoken mother tongue in Europe? Approximately 100 million people speak German as their mother tongue and more than 15.4 million people are learning German as a foreign language worldwide – join to become a part of it!  

Even if you can get by with English in many places in Germany at first, if you want to stay in Germany for the long term, a proficiency in German is indispensable. You will quickly realise that it is hard to get around without German, especially at work, when consulting certain authorities, during shopping or in your personal life. Therefore, learning German is highly advised, preferably starting in your home country. 

Learning German all around the world

  • Goethe-Institut: The cultural association of the Federal Republic of Germany is responsible for promoting the German language and culture. That is why the Goethe-Institut offers German courses  in 157 locations in Germany and abroad. To find a Goethe-Institut  in your area, go to "Advisory and contact services" on our world map. The German certificates of the Goethe-Instituts are officially recognised for many different purposes. 
  • Telc-certified institutes also offer courses and certificates that are officially recognised in many places.

Learning German in Germany

  • Job-related German courses: Via the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees you can enrol in vocational language courses for free or at a reduced price, depending on your situation. Please consult the contact person in your area. 
  • Integration courses are courses for language and general orientation. They cover everyday topics such as the workplace and professions, shopping, television and radio or childhood education.  
  • Adult Education Centres (Volkshochschulen): The Adult Education Centres, located in most German cities, offer an inexpensive alternative. Locations in your area and the courses offered can be found on the Adult Educations Centre’s website
  • Language courses for adults and adolescents in Germany at Carl Duisberg German Centren.
  • In the data base of the Fachverband für Deutsch als Fremdsprache (the Professional Association for German as a Foreign Language) you will find courses offered by other public and private language centres in Germany. 
  • Courses for children:  German courses are offered for all ages, and they are tailored to the specific interests and language skills of children and adolescents. You can find more details on the following website

Learning German online

On many online platforms you can choose content depending on what you want to learn and how good your knowledge already is. You can choose content, depending on what you want to learn and your current level, on many online platforms.

Learn German with the Goethe-Institut: 

  • Test and improve your German skills with various free options on the Goethe-Institut website.
  • Learn new terms quickly with the vocabulary trainer app.
  • The exchange platform "Deutsch für dich" offers interactive learning games.
  • Practise your German with photos, films, games and exercises and discuss interesting topics with other learners of German on the "Mein Weg nach Deutschland" internet portal.
  • On the channel 24h Deutsch the young German teacher Ida accompanies you through a typical day in Germany.
  • Deutsch am Arbeitsplatz offers free online exercises for your day-to-day work routine.

Learn German with Deutsche Welle 

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