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Contacting the Federal Employment Agency

Are there job vacancies in your company and you want to recruit international qualified professionals?

Notify the employer service of your local Federal Employment Agency branch about your vacancies. The employer service is your local contact and, just as for recruiting within Germany, is the first place to turn to. It will listen to your needs and work with you to find the best possible strategy to fill vacancies. On request, you can also get support for the recruitment and integration of qualified professionals from abroad.

To find suitable applicants from abroad for your company, the employer service works with the “International Personal Service” (Internationaler Personalservice - IPS) of the Federal Employment Agency (BA). This takes care of every aspect of the search for qualified professionals from abroad. Its services include:

  • Placement of international applicants
  • Advisory services on the possibility of participating in recruitment trips and virtual job fairs for foreign workers
  • Professional guidance through the entire process, from searching for applicants to obtaining a work permit, right through to integration in the company
  • Advice on the specifics of recruiting international qualified professionals

If you are interested, contact your local employer service or enquire by phoning the service number 0800 4 5555 20  for employers.

Migration Support Centre

The Migration Support Centre (VWC) of the Federal Employment Agency (BA) is the gateway to the German labour market for foreigners interested in working or training in Germany, whatever their occupation. Employers too can get advice from the VWC staff on the following topics:

  • Possibilities of employing international professionals and the legal requirements for doing so (entering Germany and visas, recognition of qualifications)
  • Recruitment channels
  • Specific challenges related to employing international professionals (e.g. finding accommodation, administrative formalities, language skills)
  • Establishing a welcoming culture in the company

Tel: 0049 228 713-1313 
Tip: Notify the Federal Employment Agency of your vacancy! This is (in some cases) the only way of getting the required Vorrangprüfung – the test to see whether there are job applicants with preferential rights – carried out, for example if you wish to fill your vacancy with someone from outside the EU. You can find out more about admission to the labour market in the section “Entering and working in Germany“.


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