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Current projects for recruiting skilled workers

Are you looking for a suitable international skilled worker and need support? Here we present some projects from our partner network that could support you in your endeavour. Would you like to participate or do you need more information? Feel free to contact the respective project's contact persons.

"Hand in Hand for International Talents" connects qualified professionals and companies

Is your company a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) and looking for a skilled worker in the fields of electrical engineering or computer science? The project "Hand in Hand for International Talents" recruits qualified professionals with vocational training in Brazil, India and Vietnam. The project supports companies in the IHK regions of Erfurt, Düsseldorf, Lübeck, Reutlingen and Rostock through the entire process.

Pilot project to secure skilled labour: HabiZu (Handwerk bietet Zukunft) – skilled crafts offer a future

Are you a small or medium-sized enterprise located in one of the following regions and looking for a skilled worker in electronics (Koblenz), metal construction (Munich) or plant mechanics for sanitary, heating and air conditioning technology (Potsdam)? Benefit from the support of the HabiZu project funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Action (BMWK) when recruiting qualified workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project entails fair recruitment of skilled workers in the crafts and trades industry, while providing professional assistance throughout the whole process – the integration process in your company included. The project is brought to you by the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts (ZDH) and the Federal Employment Agency (BA) in cooperation with sequa as a partner in project management.
Did we spark your interest? You can find more information about the project’s services and contact points in your area on the website of the Federal Employment Agency.

Triple Win Project

The Triple Win Project is implemented jointly by the Federal Employment Agency (BA) and the GIZ. The foundation of the project is formed by placement agreements between the BA and the partner countries' employment authorities (Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Philippines and Tunisia).

The partner authority organises the application procedure locally and checks the incoming applications according to formal criteria. The BA assesses the applicants' personal, professional and linguistic qualifications in individual selection interviews. A language test is part of the selection process: the GIZ offers language training for nursing professionals (level B1 of the Common European Reference Framework with technical terminology for nursing personnel), professional preparation for working in Germany as well as support in the integration and recognition process after arriving in Germany.

The new arrivals work as auxiliary nurses until their foreign qualification in the field of nursing and patient care has been recognised. This should take place within the first year of employment.

„Faire Anwerbung Pflege Deutschland“ – Nursing professionals from Latin America and Asia

Would you like to recruit a qualified nurse from the Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, India or Indonesia for your German care facility? The funding programme Faire Anwerbung Pflege Deutschland (Fair Recruitment of Nurses Germany) of the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG) supports you with that endeavour – quickly, fairly and in a self-financing way. The programme includes the fast-track procedure for skilled workers processed by the German Agency for International Healthcare Professions (DeFa) and possible funding of up to € 6,000 per recruited qualified professional. In addition, your recruitment will follow high ethical standards and will be awarded with the new Federal Ministry of Health's quality certificate.

Are you interested? Then find out more about the first steps on the website of the DeFa.

Nursing professionals for Germany

In this project, the BA's Central Placement Office (ZAV) recruits nursing professionals from Mexico and Brazil and selects them together with German clinics. Intensive support is provided by the ZAV during the subsequent German language courses with the aim of achieving recognition of the professional qualification and a successful employment in Germany. In this process, the BA works closely with partners in Latin America as well as in Germany in order to ensure a successful and fair immigration of skilled workers.

THAMM project – Trainees and qualified professionals from North Africa

Is your company looking for staff? The THAMM project promotes fair and sustainable recruitment of trainees and skilled workers from North Africa for Germany. The project supports you in finding applicants with professional experience and good language skills. You will receive a comprehensive range of support services, including the selection of applicants, placement, and integration support after entry.

UBAconnect: Finding qualified professionals through adaptation programmes

UBAconnect is an offer for companies looking for skilled workers in the industrial-technical, commercial or skilled trades sectors. Companies in need for personnel reinforcement and interested in employing a person, whose international vocational qualification is only partially recognized in Germany, are welcome to participate. Companies applying need to be willing to support them in the post-qualification process.

"Passgenaue Besetzung" programme

The "Passgenaue Besetzung" programme supports small and medium-sized enterprises in filling training positions and integrating foreign trainees and skilled workers. More information on the programme can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

Funding program: Targeted Mobility Schemes

The Targeted Mobility Schemes funding program (TMS) of the EURES network supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the integration of new employees from other EU countries. SMEs can receive funding for an integration programme with various elements (e.g. language courses) if you meet some requirements and submit an application. Are you interested? The advisors at the Virtual Welcome Center (VWC) will show you the way forward.

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