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Current projects for recruiting skilled workers

Are you looking for support in finding skilled workers abroad? The projects of our partners will help you implement your plans. Here you will find the right project for your company.

We present  here some projects from our partner network that could support you in recruiting skilled workers from abroad. Would you like to participate or do you need more information? Feel free to contact the respective project's contact persons.

"Hand in Hand for International Talents" connects qualified professionals and companies

Is your company a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (IHK) and looking for a skilled worker in the fields of electrical engineering or computer science? The project "Hand in Hand for International Talents" recruits qualified professionals with vocational training in Brazil, India and Vietnam. The project supports companies through the entire process. You can get to know applicants at regular online recruiting days or already search for the right specialist in the short profile folders.

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Specialized! Recruitment, placement and qualification of medical doctors

Specialized! provides support to clinics and international doctors until they are licensed to practise medicine, with the aim of recruiting doctors of human medicine for specialist training in Germany. In this programme, the Federal Employment Agency, in cooperation with its network partners, provides support in all the administrative steps required in the complex immigration process for doctors. Through the combination of language & knowledge transfer and practical phases (dual approach) in the clinic, it is possible to assign the international doctors to the employers directly after their arrival, which has been positively received, especially in rural areas. Specialized! represents a medium-term staff recruitment opportunity.  

Want to learn more about the "Specialized!" programme? Visit monthly online information events for employers.

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UBAconnect: Finding qualified professionals through adaptation programmes

UBAconnect is an offer for companies looking for skilled workers in the industrial-technical, commercial or skilled trades sectors. Companies in need for personnel reinforcement and interested in employing a person, whose international vocational qualification is only partially recognized in Germany, are welcome to participate. Companies applying need to be willing to support them in the post-qualification process.

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Triple Win Project: nursing specialists and trainees from abroad

The Triple Win Project is implemented jointly by the Federal Employment Agency (BA) and the GIZ. Trained professionals from the Philippines, Tunisia, Indonesia, Jordan and the states of Kerala and Telangana (India) as well as nursing trainees from Vietnam and Kerala (India) are recruited on behalf of German clinics and care facilities. The foundation of the project is formed by placement agreements between the BA and the partner countries' employment authorities.

The BA informs and advises employers and matches them with the nursing professionals and trainees. GIZ organises German courses (up to level B1) and specialist nursing courses for the participants in their country of origin, instructing them about the differences between the healthcare systems, career options and technical terms.

In Germany, GIZ assists the nursing professionals who have entered the country, for example in dealing with authorities, opening a bank account or taking out health insurance, and also helps them to have their professional qualifications recognised.

Participants work as assistants in nursing until their foreign qualification as a nursing professional is recognised, which is to be done in the first year of their employment.

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Nursing professionals for Germany

In this project, the BA's Central Placement Office (ZAV) recruits nursing professionals from Mexico and Colombia and selects them together with German clinics. Intensive support is provided by the ZAV during the subsequent German language courses with the aim of achieving recognition of the professional qualification and a successful employment in Germany. In this process, the BA works closely with partners in Latin America as well as in Germany in order to ensure a successful and fair immigration of skilled workers.

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Project APAL - vocational training partnerships from Latin America implemented on behalf of the Federal Employment Agency (BA)

The BA places nursing trainees from El Salvador, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Uzbekistan in the German labour market. Anyone interested can choose between the generalist nursing training programme and medical-technical assistances in the laboratory and radiology sectors. Together with local institutions, the BA coordinates and assists throughout the entire process - from the recognition of foreign school certificates to language acquisition (B1 or B2 level). The project follows the principle of fair and ethical recruitment and is based on international standards.

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PAM – partnership approaches for vocational training and labour migration

PAM organises the cooperation between the German economy and educational institutions in Ecuador, Jordan, and Vietnam. All parties involved work together to clear the path towards the German or local labour market for potential migrants. The project especially focusses on the sectors of metalworking, electrical engineering, automotive engineering and food processing.

Are you interested in international trainees, and do you simultaneously care about contributing to the qualification of young people, especially in the countries of development cooperation? Please feel free to contact the project team!

The PAM project is carried out by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) by order of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

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Finding skilled workers and trainees in a fair way with the THAMM Plus project

The THAMM Plus project encourages creating paths of safe and fair labour migration to Germany for trainees and skilled workers from Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia. The placement is conducted in such a manner that all parties benefit from the process: the employing companies, the placed trainees and skilled workers, as well as the cooperating countries. After a multiple-step application procedure, THAMM Plus comprehensively prepares the selected skilled workers and applicants, for example by means of German language courses and technical further education. Interested companies receive individual consultations and have the opportunity of getting to know suitable applicants in online job interviews. After signing the employment contact, THAMM Plus provides support during the visa and recognition procedure. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH carries out the project in cooperation with the Federal Employment Agency (BA). THAMM Plus is a project conducted by order of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and co-funded by the European Union.

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"Passgenaue Besetzung" programme

The "Passgenaue Besetzung" programme supports small and medium-sized enterprises in filling vocational training positions and integrating foreign trainees and skilled workers. More information on the programme can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action.

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Funding program: Targeted Mobility Schemes

The Targeted Mobility Schemes funding program (TMS) of the EURES network supports small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the integration of new employees from other EU countries. SMEs can receive funding for an integration programme with various elements (e.g. language courses) if you meet some requirements and submit an application. Are you interested? The advisors at the Customer Center will show you the way forward.

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