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Mentoring & integration officer

Mentoring programmes are an excellent means of providing support for newcomers to the company. You should particularly think about setting up a mentoring programme in your company, if you have no experience in recruiting workers from abroad. Many expatriates appreciate having a specific contact person who will look after them and help them, even with personal problems.

Do you have experienced employees in your company who are well-acquainted with corporate and local structures, or who are immigrants themselves? They could act as mentors for the new workers. The mentors should be dedicated and motivated in their mentoring role. To ensure this, you can organise training courses for mentors on intercultural communication. Training courses which provide basic knowledge about the new recruit’s country of origin are recommended.

Best Practice: How recruitment and integration lead to success

If organising a mentoring programme is too onerous for you, you can appoint an integration officer for your company. The integration officer works with the human resources manager to help new recruits in practical issues of everyday life in Germany and supports their professional development.

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