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Third-country nationals within the scope of adaptation training for the recognition of qualifications

The option to stay in Germany for the purpose of letting foreign professional qualifications be recognised can help you in attracting prospective international professionals whose foreign qualifications have not been fully recognised yet. In that way, you can re-qualify and integrate them permanently into your company.

If the competent authority for the recognition procedure in Germany determines that further training is required for full recognition of the qualification, the skilled worker can obtain a visa or residence permit in Germany for up to 18 months according to Section 16d of the German Residence Act – AufenthG. Further training could be performed in company as part of an adaptation course or a language course.

During the post-qualification period, the professional can work for an unlimited period of time in a job matching his or her desired occupational profile. 

Further information on the employment opportunities for third-country nationals in the context of an adaptation training course can be found in the guide "How can I recruit a professional from abroad - what employers need to know".

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