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Why recruit skilled workers from abroad?

Successful recruitment with the Skilled Immigration Act

In Germany, some sectors and regions are already experiencing a shortage of skilled labour, and in light of the demographics, this trend is likely to continue. This is not only a matter for policymakers to solve – all companies in Germany can do their part by recruiting from the pool of well-qualified professionals with degrees or vocational qualifications from abroad. We explain why it pays to look abroad:

1. New business opportunities through diversity and creativity

Qualified immigrants can provide creative impulses, paving the way for new opportunities for your company. By taking new approaches to problem solving and drawing on this cultural background, your company can also benefit from innovative business opportunities – especially on the international market.

2. Filling vacancies with qualified staff

The option of recruiting personnel from abroad helps you fill vacant positions in the long term. This potential for international skilled workers also increases your pool of applicants and your chances of finding a suitable candidate for your position.

Practical tip: Many international aspiring professionals are already in Germany: international students at German universities are an important source of recruits to your company. Them already being familiar with the language, culture and bureaucracy in our country is a great advantage.

3. Become a global player

Having an international workforce is a sign of openness and diversity, which makes you a more attractive employer in return. Cosmopolitanism and diversity are important corporate values that have a positive impact on new business relationships.

4. New customer segments and markets

Qualified immigrants add to your company by bringing specific knowledge of markets, countries and languages with them. This means that qualified professionals from abroad are familiar with country-specific decision patterns and market trends which may have a positive impact on the development of new customer segments.

5.  Long-term human resource planning

A skilled worker who immigrates to Germany in oder to work in your company had to face and overcome a number of challenges. It can therefore be assumed that your new recruit not only has strong organisational skills and perseverance, but also plans to work in your company on a long-term basis.

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