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Visa for taking up a vocational training

You would like to employ a trainee from abroad in your company? Check whether a visa is required for entry to take up vocational training and which requirements must therefore be met.

You have a vacant training position but cannot find a suitable junior employee? Dual vocational training enjoys a high reputation abroad, so that young people from abroad – especially from EU countries – are also very interested in dual training in Germany. The website of the Kompetenzzentrum Fachkräftesicherung (Centre of Excellence for securing qualified professionals) is one of many web pages, which provide information on how the recruitment of trainees from Europe works.

You can also recruit trainees from non-EU countries and offer them career prospects in Germany. If they come from outside the EU, they need a residence permit to start vocational training in Germany. Find out more about this topic in the "Visa for Vocational Training" section.

Visa to start in-company vocational training

If you have already made a binding commitment to a third-country national for a training place, they can enter the country with a visa for the purpose of vocational training and immediately start their training in Germany, provided that the trainee has knowledge of the German language at level B1 of the CEFR. Proof of knowledge of German may be waived if you – as the training company – confirm that the trainee’s language skills are sufficient (Section 16a (1) and (3) of the German Residence Act – AufenthG).

Please beware

The approval of the Federal Employment Agency is obtained during the visa procedure. Both the examination of the labour market conditions and the so-called "Vorrangprüfung" (priority check) are carried out.

On "Make it in Germany" you can find out which requirements apply to the visa for taking up vocational training.


Do you wish for your new trainees to enter Germany as soon as possible and they need an entry visa? You can accelerate the visa procedure for a fee of EUR 411. Read more about the fast-track procedure for skilled workers.

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