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Finding the right recruitment channel

You want to recruit skilled workers from abroad? We explain step by step how the process works and what you need to consider when recruiting abroad.

Publish your job advertisement

You also need to think carefully about where you post your job offer. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Via which channels can I best reach my target group?
  • How can I get myself known abroad?
  • What other possibilities are there for finding staff?

Posting vacancies on "Make it in Germany" job listings

Are you interested in reaching skilled professionals from abroad as well? Publish your job offers on the “Make it in Germany” – job listings.

In order to publish your job advert you have the following options:

  1. Mention, when you register your job vacancy at the local Federal Employment Agency (BA), that you wish for it to be published on as well.
  2.  Register the job offer yourself online via Federal Employment Agency (BA) . To do this, go to "Veröffentlichungen bei Kooperationspartnern" and then to the selection of cooperation partners and mark the box on "Veröffentlichung im Portal "Make-it-in-Germany" (see picture below):
Screenshot for publishing a job listing via the Federal Employment Agency

Please beware

The job exchange of "Make it in Germany" can only accept job offers for which a qualification (at least a vocational training) is required. Unqualified activities such as assistant jobs or seasonal workers are automatically excluded. Temporary work or other professions that are not suitable for skilled workers from abroad (e.g. military professions) are excluded as well.


Ideally, you should formulate your advertisement in English. Foreign qualified professionals often need more information about the advertised position. Please take note of the tips for formulating a job vacancy.


Job listings abroad

You will find numerous international or country-specific job listings on the Internet. You can post your job advertisement there, or search for suitable candidates in the applicant pools of online job listings. When writing your job advertisement, make sure that it is formulated as accurately as possible and that it describes the requirements in concrete terms. This will help qualified professionals who are not very familiar with German technical terms and locutions to know that the advertisement is targeted to them.

Job offers on the EURES network

The EURES professional mobility portal helps employers who are looking for qualified professionals in other European countries. If you want to register at EURES as an employer, you can search for CVs of applicants who correspond to your requirements. You will find further information on the EURES portal.

Trade fairs abroad

Another possible recruitment channel are trade fairs abroad. Potential applicants can be met in person and you can gain a first impression of them. Another benefit is that your company makes itself better known abroad.
The International and Specialised Services (ZAV) of the Federal Employment Agency regularly organise recruitment events in Germany and abroad. For further information, please call +49 (0) 228 713-1313.

Making use of social networking platforms

You can also make use of national or international career platforms to draw attention to your company and your job advertisement. Many foreign workers are active on this special type of social platform to network with businesses. As a company, you can generally draw up your own profile, search for suitable applicants or post job offers there.


Post your job offer in English or in the local language of your future employee. That will give you a better chance of addressing applicants who do not have a perfect command of German. Moreover, you will demonstrate that you are a cosmopolitan company and improve your company's image abroad at the same time.

Please beware

Notify the Federal Employment Agency of your vacancy. This is (in some cases) the only way of getting the required "Vorrangprüfung" – the test to see whether there are job applicants with preferential rights – carried out, for example if you wish to fill your vacancy with someone from outside the EU. You can find out more about admission to the labour market in the "Entering and working in Germany" section.

Do you have any questions?

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