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Diversity management

The aim of diversity management is to promote cultural and ethnic diversity in the workplace. Diversity management measures are a good way of ensuring that your co-workers are ready to receive the new recruits.

There are several approaches to introducing diversity management at work; there is no one-size-fits-all solution. For example, you could improve your workforce's intercultural skills by raising the awareness of your German co-workers about an open, multicultural work climate. Alternatively, you can recommend that your workforce take part in open information events. These are hosted by organisations and associations engaged in social diversity.

In order to overcome language barriers, you could introduce language tandems oder language courses in the framework of your diversity management. Please find more information on German at the workplace in the "German language courses" section.

To foster appreciation and trust among co-workers of different faiths, introduce cultural and religious calendars. That gives the entire workforce the opportunity to celebrate important holidays in appropriate ways. KOFA (Centre of Excellence for securing qualified professionals) provides further recommendations on diversity management.

Tip: Foster intercultural exchanges between your co-workers. By cooking, celebrating or working out together, your foreign employees will get to know their German colleagues faster and improve their language skills at the same time.

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