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Applicant profiles of international professionals

Here you can find suitable candidates from abroad, who are qualified for the German labour market.

Are you in search of qualified candidates from abroad? Do you need help in hiring and integrating foreign employees?

Here, current top candidates who are looking for employment in Germany present themselves to you by means of short profiles. The international skilled workers are supported by the Federal Employment Agency (BA) or various recruitment projects. The listed skilled workers have qualifications for professions in which Germany has a shortage of workers – for example, in maths and technology, in engineering, or in the diverse professions within the health sector. Contact the respective point of contact to learn more about recruiting your chosen candidate for your company.

Applicant profiles of the "Hand in Hand for Intenational Talents" project

Are you looking for international skilled workers? In these dossiers, you can find suitable candidates for the following professional fields: electronics, the hotel and restaurant trade, and IT. The
"Hand in Hand for International Talents" project supports you during the entire recruitment and onboarding process. The dossiers are available in German only.

Dossier for IT Dossier for the Hotel and Restaurant Trade Dossier for Electronics

Latest applicant profiles

The following documents are available in German only.

International applicant profiles: ICT specialists & engineers

In this guide you will find a selection of motivated IT specialists and engineers. The applicants are currently living abroad. As a rule, they have qualifications equivalent to a German university degree.

International applicant profiles: craft & technology

In this guide you will find a selection of motivated craftsmen and craftswomen, technicians, as well as people seeking a vocational training. The applicants are currently living abroad. As a rule, they have qualifications equivalent to a German university degree.

Applicant profiles: IT, sanitary and refrigeration engineering, construction and industrial mechanics – THAMM project

In this guide you will find interesting profiles of applicants from Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia who wish to take up employment in Germany. The cadidates either have full or partial recognition or are still in the recognition process.

International applicant profiles: health

In this guide you will find an exquisite selection of highly motivated healthcare professionals - ranging from anesthesia assistants to nurses and dental specialists. The applicants presented here are all currently still living abroad.

International applicants are guided by the recruitment teams of the Federal Employment Agency (BA). The recruitment teams actively advise and support German businesses in the recruitment and integration of international professionals. The focus here is towards the candidate’s understanding of the German language. Furthermore it is ensured that the international applicants have the legal right to immigrate to Germany even if their country of origin is outside of the European Union.

Have you found interesting profiles and want to know more about the recruitment process for international professionals? Then get in touch with their respective contact partner, e.g. the contact partner linked to their resume for consultation.

Or do you have a general interest in hiring an international professional? If so, then take a look at the information provided by the Employer Service of your responsible Employment Agency.  You can also reach the Employer Service of the Federal Employment Agency free of charge at 0800 4 555520.

Do you have any questions?

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