International skilled worker at the job interview

Conducting the job interview

Job interviews are important to get to know a future employee. Find out here what you should look out for in an interview with a foreign skilled worker.

Are you considering whether to invite an applicant for an interview? When looking at the documents, bear in mind that the presentation and structure of the CV and cover letter may be different in other countries. Therefore, be open to unusual applications and make an appointment to get to know the candidate via one of the numerous online platforms. A good impression of a person can be gained by phone or video.

  • Adapt your language to ensure that the interview is comprehensible for both sides. It might make sense to conduct the interview in English or involve someone with corresponding language skills.
  • During the interview, ask why the applicant wishes to come to Germany and their perspective on working and living here. Inversely, describe what support you can provide to help them and their family integrate.
  • If an applicant is shortlisted, you can arrange a personal interview. Therefore, you need to find out whether a visa is required for them to enter Germany. Also explain you can provide support for the journey to the interview, for example by arranging overnight accommodation or pick up the applicant from the airport.
  • Some companies even conduct the personal interview in the applicant’s home country. During the interview, bear in mind the cultural differences both in relation to verbal and non-verbal communication.


Assign a person of contact from the HR department or elsewhere in the company to the applicant for the duration of the application process. This person should, if possible, have the corresponding language skills if the applicant speaks no or only a limited amount of German.

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