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Finding the right recruitment channel

You want to recruit skilled workers from abroad? We explain step by step how the process works and what you need to consider when recruiting abroad.

  1. Examine your personnel requirements

    By conducting personnel requirement planning on a regular basis, you will have the necessary foresight to identify key preliminary considerations in your search for candidates. Find out what kind of staff you need, what skills they should have, and what the advantages of employing qualified professionals from abroad are.

  2. Decide which countries to target

    Which countries do you wish to recruit staff from? Selecting the right target countries can facilitate the search for personnel. Country-specific customs in the recruitment process as well as peculiarities in approaching potential candidates should also be taken into account during the country selection.

  3. Write your job advertisement

    Once you have decided which group to target, you can write and adapt your job advertisement. Remember: the more specific you are, the better it is – not only for the applicants, but also for yourself!

  4. Publishing your job advertisement

    The placement of the job advertisement needs to be well thought out. To do this, ask yourself the following questions:

    •   What are the best channels to reach my target group?
    •   How do I make myself known abroad?
    •   What other recruitment options are out there?

    Instructions for publishing the job advertisement

  5. Further support

    Do you need more support in the recruitment process? Please find multiple points of contact down below.

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