Which occupations are in demand

In some industries, jobs and regions in Germany, there is a shortage of qualified professionals. More especially, qualified technical workers, such as engineers and IT specialists, as well as health specialists, are in short supply. We show you what your chances are of finding a job in each of the different professional fields.

Which occupations are in demand
Sought after: good doctors

German’s health market could do with another 5,000 doctors. Both clinics and doctors’ surgeries are finding it difficult to find successors. more

Wanted: innovative engineers

There are vacancies in many technology-driven companies in Germany. Right at the top of the wish list of many businesses are specialised mechanical and automotive engineers, as well as electrical engineers. more

Numerous developments in the natural sciences, IT, mathematics and technology have made the German economy very successful. Companies are looking for qualified staff in this area, hence job prospects are promising. more

In demand: Experts with vocational qualifications

If you are a professional with vocational qualifications, you will not require a unversity degree to work in Germany. For EU citizens with vocational qualifications that are recognised in Germany, employment prospects are currently good. Since July 1, 2013, citizens from non-EU countries holding vocational qualifications have also been able to take up employment in German. more

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