Setting up a business in Germany

You have an excellent business idea? In Germany, you can put it into practice. Find out here how to be successful in setting up your business, which skills you require, and where to find the support you need.


Find out what makes the economic, political and cultural climate in Germany so excellent for entrepreneurs in the making. more


Read about applicable visa regulations for startup founders. more


You need to be aware of a number of legal and personal requirements for setting up your own business. Read about the most important ones here


There is a lot of support for startup founders in Germany. Information is available at public advisory offices, information centres, chambers of commerce or universities – and in all of these places, experts will provide you with relevant information and practical tips for setting up your own business. Even if you have set up a business already, you may choose to expand your knowledge in a further training course. For a list of the best places to turn to, click here


Would you like to set up a business by yourself, or do you prefer to team up with others? Will you start up a company from scratch or buy an existing business? Will you be self-employed or a freelancer? There a many ways of building a life as an entrepreneur in Germany. Information about the various startup types and requirements is available here


Before putting your idea into practice, you should set up a business plan. Here, we tell you what information this business plan should contain and why it’s an important element for your startup – not only for convincing potential investors. more


You won’t need to sacrifice your savings to set up your own business. Read more about public and private investors who may be able to help you out with a loan. more


You have developed your business plan, found some investors, and you’re about to implement your business idea? Then, all you need to do now is deal with the last formalities before starting out as a business founder. An overview of entrepreneurial rights and obligations is available here.

Experiences of a Start-up founder

Experiences of a Start-up founder

Matan from Israel thinks it was a good desicion to set up a business in Germany. Here he tells of his experiences. more

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