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Award winner 2013: AVL Software and Functions Ltd.

AVL Software and Functions Ltd.

AVL Software and Functions Ltd.

Successful diversity within the company

AVL Software and Functions Ltd. is a Regensburg-based software developer that develops software, functional and electronic solutions for automotive engineering. This growing company currently employs a workforce with more than twenty different nationalities.

AVL Software and Functions Ltd. helps its new recruits not only to integrate into the workplace, but also into everyday life in Germany. What singles out the range of measures that this company provides for its international employees is that the services are also extended to their families. They include covering language school costs, actively helping the employee’s partner to find a job, part-funding the children’s school or child-minding costs, and providing full support for administrative procedures, accommodation-hunting and getting the new recruit’s family to join them.

Dr. Georg Schwab, Managing Director

"Cultural diversity fosters different ways of looking at how to develop innovative approaches to solutions. In addition, it raises the attractiveness of our company for our international customers."

Cultural diversity is a principal which is lived out at AVL Software and Functions Ltd. and is a part of its corporate philosophy. As a factor of success, diversity demands innovative work processes and approaches to solutions. The company consciously counts on a synthesis of the differing skills and approaches of its skilled employees from a variety of cultural backgrounds. This helps AVL Software and Functions Ltd. to stay competitive in a highly innovative market environment. Moreover, the international profile of the workforce raises the company's attractiveness in a global business world.

AVL Software and Functions Ltd. treats cultural diversity as a matter of course even outside business bounds and is a good example of a “culture of welcome” in action. Its success in integrating international qualified professionals earned AVL Software and Functions GmbH one of the BMWi's “Diversity, Growth, Prosperity” awards for businesses with the best “culture of welcome” in February 2013.

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