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Award winner 2013: Evopro systems engineering AG

Evopro systems engineering AG

Evopro systems engineering AG

Successfully integrating and retaining international qualified professionals in the long term

Evopro Systems Engineering AG was founded in 2009. This engineering services provider from Regensburg offers services in the fields of automation, software, measuring and inspection technology, media solutions and electronics. Of its current 82 employees, more than 15 percent come from abroad. In order to cover its human resources needs, the company has been recruiting engineers specifically from Spain since 2012.

To offer its new employees the best possible prospects professionally and privately, Evopro Systems Engineering AG has set up a comprehensive integration programme. Even before they are recruited, applicants’ needs are taken into account, with job interviews being carried out at the weekend in Spain.

Stefan Fink, CEO Evopro Systems Engineering AG

"Having a successful "culture of welcome" starts before you recruit the new employees. This is why we reach out to Spanish qualified professionals and hold our job interviews in Spain."

Evopro Systems Engineering AG facilitates the arrival of its Spanish employees in numerous spheres, from flat-hunting and administrative procedures right through to registration with a health insurance fund. Rounding out the catalogue of helpful measures are German courses and intercultural training to familiarise the employees with the day-to-day work routine, as well as mentoring by the company’s integration officer. A trainee programme further offers young international recruits the opportunity to train to a higher level and get to know this German company better.

Besides filling posts with qualified employees, the focus of the company’s human resources policy is on raising the company’s attractiveness and gaining its employees’ loyalty for the long term. Its successful concept for recruiting and integrating international qualified professionals has earned Evopro Systems Engineering AG one of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy's 2013 “Diversity. Growth. Prosperity.” awards for businesses with the best “culture of welcome”.

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