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Further training possibilities

In many companies “lifelong learning” has become an integral part of the company and its staff policy. Because further training of employees has many advantages.

Further training is a valuable tool for companies to train their employees according to the company’s needs. Also, further qualified workers contribute to a suitable improvement in productivity or processing quality of a company. Moreover further training has another positive effect: it ties the staff to your company – especially the international workers. Implementation of further training measures may not only promote and support your international staff, but is also a way to demonstrate your confidence in their abilities. This may have a motivating effect, may arouse mutual trust and is a good measure to make workers feel part of your company. By doing so you can keep supporting your international staff and get them involved long-term in the company. Than the familiarization and integration process of international staff is a long-term process which may constantly be pursued. Thus, take your opportunity to secure a qualified and a reliable workforce for the future.

For more information about further training and how you can implement an “in-company further training”, please visit the website of KOFA (centre of excellence for securing a supply of qualified professionals). There you will also find examples about how to get your employees involved in the company. Additionally the Federal Employment Agency (Bundesagentur für Arbeit) offers advice on planning further training projects or promotion programs.

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KOFA (centre of excellence for securing a supply of qualified professionals)

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