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Draw up an integration plan

To provide systematic support for your new recruit beyond the period of familiarisation with his or her work, you might find it helpful to have an integration plan which takes into account not only work-related, but also cultural and social aspects. At the same time, this raises the chances of keeping your new recruit in your company for the long term. This plan should also cover the necessary work-related or language skills. 

Use the integration plan to check at regular intervals how the integration process is progressing at the professional and personal levels. It can be helpful in this case to talk not only with the employee, but also with his or her immediate work colleagues. If you have set up a mentoring programme in your company, the mentors should accompany the integration plan. Alternatively, in larger companies, this task can be handled internally by the department in charge of diversity management.

You can find out more about integration plans on the KOFA (centre of excellence for securing a supply of qualified professionals) website.

Best Practice: an example

The welcoming culture actively practised at SPS Schiekel Präzisionssysteme GmbH takes the form of intensive, all-round mentoring of its foreign staff and personal commitment by its general manager. Find out more about the concept.

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KOFA (centre of excellence for securing a supply of qualified professionals)

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