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The pilot project "UBAconnect" brings companies together with skilled workers for qualification adaptation

"UBAconnect" is an offer for companies looking for skilled workers from the industrial-technical, commercial or skilled trades sectors. It is part of the pilot project "Unternehmen Berufsanerkennung" which is funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research and was launched at the end of 2020 together with the Chambers of Industry and Commerce.

Who is "UBAconnect" aimed at?

Companies and businesses that need reinforcement and are interested in employing a person whose foreign vocational qualification is only partially recognized in Germany, initially for a limited period of time, and in supporting them with their post-qualification, can take part in "UBAconnect". Within the framework of this so-called adaptation qualification, the company helps the person to have his or her foreign vocational qualification fully recognized and thus possibly recruits him or her as a new skilled worker.

How does "UBAconnect" work?

Companies register online free of charge and without obligation as an interested qualification company in the "UBAconnect" database. They will be contacted by their Chamber if there is a match - a suitable skilled worker - for them.

    How companies benefit

    Carrying out an adaptation qualification in one's own company can be an opportunity for companies to find a skilled worker and also to get him or her to commit to the company in the long term. At the same time, this offers the opportunity to get to know the skilled worker in the company environment, to qualify him or her appropriately for corresponding areas of responsibility and to test whether the cooperation works.

    Companies can find out more and register here:

    Your contact for questions on UBAconnect:

    Rieke Albrecht, Project leader „Unternehmen Berufsanerkennung“, uba{at}

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